Walking together and easily overcoming adversities and increasing efficiency is the only means to achieving success in today’s market. The synergies, delegation of tasks and division of responsibility are the formula for success which should be adopted.

In order to do this, firstly, it is fundamental to understand, not only the context, but also the generality, the people involved. A significant part of the people – the promised ones, those who society, generally speaking, has faith that they will be able to construct a sustainable future, are the generation referred to as the Millennium generation.


To that effect, I would like to share with readers a summary of an article I received from one of my collaborators:


The Millennium generation includes those born in the 80´s and 90´s, also known as Generation Y. The name Millennium came up in an American survey, where youth chose the title they would like to be known as, naming themselves in a manner which would set them apart, highlight their grandiosity compared to the grandiosity of the world, which so closely and tangibly surrounded them.

On the other hand, this generation refuses to be considered as a continuation of Generation X, who came before them. Generation X is comprised of those born between the 60´s and the beginning of the 80’s. These people lived and experienced the pivotal political moments: the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall. They lived in the era of the great statesmen, such as: Mikhail Gorbatchov, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. And it was also a generation marked by events of great magnitude, such as the appearance of AIDS in 1981.

These and other vivid facts contributed to Generation X having feelings of hopelessness, with regard to both the planet and humanity. The events also provoked immense changes with respect to their behaviour in interpersonal relationships and, consequently, in the questions and prejudices their generation had relative to the previous one.

Although some disastrous legacies were left, such as the planet’s deterioration, democracy and freedom of speech were also a part of that legacy.

It is a generation which privileges youth. They like to feel young, even though time has passed for them too. Due to advances in science, namely medicine, Generation X has a longer life span with increased health, which many times leads to a certain rivalry with their children., They go to the same place, riding the same wave as their children, attempting to remain equal to them in various aspects and behaviours. They are the so-called adultolescents.


The Millennium or Y generation had all the hopes and great expectations of their parents deposited in them. Their parents invested greatly in them, with classes for everything, in attempt to provide their children with the best conditions to face the world. They do not know what dictatorship was like or galloping inflation, but they do know what it is like to live in an environment of great uncertainty relative to the future.

It is the generation of the internet, of variety and technology, which is in continuous and dramatic change. They are hurried people; everything in their life must be fast. This generation was born with computers and grew up around them and with technological evolution. They are fascinated with and dominate new technologies, perfectly keeping up with rapidity and safety. They are optimists and more hopeful of the world they live in than previous generations. They believe they can do more for their planet and for the environment and blame the previous generation for the rubbish they have inherited, on all levels: environment, television… However, many times they enjoy the rubbish they condemn.


To be continued in the next article…

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