Grupo Lusoverniz and all of its subsidiaries and associated brands have the need to gather some personal data from its clients and business partners and do not do it without their express consent.

A system of precautions is in place in order to insure the confidentiality and security of gathered and processed personal data, in a manner that only properly authorized personnel have access to the data.

The holder of the data has the right to update at any time its informations, as well as request its elimination from Grupo Lusoverniz and all of its subsidiaries and associated brands database.

Your data is responsibly treated by GL COATING SOLUTIONS with head office at Rua Primeiro de Dezembro, nº 30 4580-021 Paredes Portugal which aligns it self with the fulfilment of the GDPR. You can contact Grupo Lusoverniz by phone +351 255 788 370 or by e-mail:

Grupo Lusoverniz is made up by various subsidiaries:

GL Coatings Solutions SGPS SA
Rikor – Tintas e Vernizes Lda
Lusoverniz Norte – Tintas e Vernizes, Lda
Lusoverniz Centro – Tintas e Vernizes, Unip, Lda
Lusoverniz Madeira – Tintas e Vernizes, Lda
Ferraz & Faria – Tintas e Vernizes, Lda
Rikor Serviços, Lda

Grupo Lusoverniz and all of its subsidiaries and associated brands also collect data from their websites:, and in which, they equally guarantee its users Data Protection.

In the websites mentioned above cookies are used, which are small data files that are stored in computers, tablets, smartphones or any other platform connected to the internet, through the browser.
The data in the cookies are resent to the website’s server every time the browser opens any of its pages. However, all browsers allow the cookies to be accepted, altered or eliminated at any time, to do so you only have to change the browsers configurations or preferences.
Note that when the cookies are eliminated, you loose for example the Automatic Fill out forms and opening new webpages may be slower.

Social plugins from various social networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin are included, these plugins are identified by their logos, these plugins allow the user to define and share markers with other social network users

All the contents present in the above-mentioned websites, text and images, logos, graphic designs are Grupo Lusoverniz intellectual and industrial property, or by third parties that have allowed its use.

Any alteration and upload of data, or any other action that may cause harm or place the system in jeopardy, are strictly forbidden and are punishable by law.

Grupo Lusoverniz and all of its subsidiaries and associated brands cannot be responsible from any inconvenient from the user’s responsibility in using the internet, for example anomalies caused by virus, outside intrusions or any other type of ruptures.

Grupo Lusoverniz Privacy Policy serves to clarify all the entities involved and how we gather data, the form in which they are processed preventing that they are damaged, altered, commercialized or that any third unauthorized parties have access to them.

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